The other day I stopped at a sandwich shop to pick up lunch and noticed on their menu board a BLT. Now bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are one of my all-time summer favorites. There’s just something about the blend of those three tastes, along with mayonnaise and bread that carries me back to the days of my childhood and a quick lunch around my mother’s table before I headed back to work with my dad. Summer tomatoes ripened on the vine are full of taste, juices and aromas that quench the soul unlike the slices of red cardboard you get during the winter. My server brought me my sandwich and with all of the anticipation that only a childhood memory can bring, I bit in. But wait, there’s something missing. I opened the sandwich to find, to my horror, no tomatoes. I walked back to the counter and asked, “Shouldn’t a BLT have tomatoes on it?” The young lady who had made the sandwich looked in horror as she said, “I left the tomatoes off?” Offering to make me another sandwich, I insisted that instead she just bring me a plate of sliced tomatoes, which she did. Having reassembled the sandwich properly, I bit in, and not only was my taste palette blessed, but indeed somewhere deep down in the soul of my childhood memories, I touched home again. Now I know that many of us are traveling and are away this summer, but don’t forget to do your soul care by coming back to this place as often as is possible to join us in worship as we gather around the Lord’s Table. Have a blessed July.