GoodNight Irene

On Friday
evening and all day Saturday, we sat and watched Hurricane Irene blow  through our
community. From our small vantage points, peering through windows and
occasionally glancing out of the door, we could make out trees falling and water rising. Sitting through a storm is both frightening and exhausting. As the sun broke on
Sunday morning and we dared to venture out, we began to realize how fortunate
many of us were while some of our neighbors and friends suffered devastating
losses. Now a week past the storm, many of us have removed the debris from
our yards, patched the holes in our roofs and are ready to move on, allowing
things to return to normal. Yet all around us are the signs that for some, normalcy will be a long journey.

We can all help with the recovery by giving aid and comfort to those around us whose lives remain in a state of disruption. Help your neighbor rake their yard, give to
appropriate organizations like Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to ensure that
long term recovery will take place, and continue to pray for and with those
who need comfort.

I have been pleased with the response members of our congregation already have given. We have had members helping remove trees, repair houses, and provide hot meals for strangers as well as friends and neighbors. I would be remiss if I didn’t affirm the presence of Christ in your acts of mercy and take time to thank you for both your compassion and generosity. Let’s continue to do the work to which we have been called, responding to the human needs around us.