Holy Week

I began this Holy Week traveling around the 38 counties that make up the Presbytery of New Hope. A fellow National Response Team member and I visited communities that I had not even heard of, much less seen, before this past Saturday night. We observed the same scene in each community that was affected by the 62 tornadoes that touched down in North Carolina. Families were sorting through the rubble, picking up pieces of their lives and loading them into the trunks of cars, the back of vans, or the beds of pickup trucks, trying as best they could to grab hold of something that had been lost in a moment. While many of the communities that were affected by these storms are well insured and the homeowners are confident that their homes and furnishings will be replaced, there are those things that have been lost that insurance can never replace. Pictures of a child’s first birthday, granddad’s old clock, mama’s prized cookie sheet – these are the things that folks talked about that no one can fix. As sad as it is that folks suffer such devastating loss, we know, as one gentleman said, “If it doesn’t have blood running through it, I’m not worried about it.” But even those who lost family members in these storms gave witness to the resurrection. As one gentleman reported, “Yes, my brother died, but Easter’s on the way and I know that he’ll be with Jesus.” The truth is without hope in a tomorrow, our lives would remain in a shamble. Join us as we confess our faith on Easter Sunday morning, “Christ is risen. Christ is risen indeed.”