Sneaky Snake

To quote the country artist singer, Tom T. Hall, “I don’t like old sneaky snake.” I have noticed from Facebook posts and from my own experience, it has become fairly common this summer to run into a snake. One would think that a snake would have enough sense to stay out of the city, off the roads, and in the woods. Yet in back yards and front yards, driveways and walkways, we keep running into this otherwise elusive creature.

Scripture tells us that snakes don’t have any arms or legs because they were cursed in the biblical account in Genesis when the serpent tempted Eve. For whatever reason, God indeed created this creature in all of its varieties and put a sense of fear in us so that at just the sight of one, we cringe.

In Tom T.’s song, he says, “Boys and girls take warning, if you go near the lake, keep your eyes wide open and look for sneaky snake. Now, maybe you won’t see him, and maybe you won’t hear, but he’ll sneak up behind you and drink all your root beer.” I’ve never seen a snake drink root beer, but I do know that Tom Hall is right, if you go near the lake or even through the tall grass, you need to keep your eyes wide open because while some will turn and go the other way, there are those sneaky snakes that will bite you.

Perhaps unfairly, snakes have become the embodiment of evil and our fears. The reality is that both our fears and evil can sneak up behind us and we will find ourselves bitten before we even realize it. May God protect and keep us, especially from the tempter’s snare and deliver us from evil.  

        Bill Neely