The Worst Sight In The World

Jim Clarken, the executive director of Oxfam Ireland, said, “the worst sight in the world was a hungry mother trying to feed a hungry, crying baby from an empty breast.”

Louis Belanger, spokesperson for Oxfam based in New York, wrote, “For months, Oxfam had been warning against the upcoming food crisis. Not just in Somalia, but all across the Horn of Africa region. Several countries have been seriously affected by the drought including Ethiopia, Djibouti and surprisingly the country from where I am writing, Kenya. I was reminded of that fact last Friday when I looked at the front pages of all
Kenyan newspapers. Headlines went from The Shame of Kenya to Elderly Kenyan
Woman Died of Hunger. This is a chilling reminder that the food crisis is not
sparing anyone.”

Most of us live our lives unaware that there are those in the world who live in abject poverty. In my sermon on Sunday I quoted the Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, who said, “Everything we have achieved for poor and hungry people in the last 35 years is under severe threat of budget cuts—nutrition programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and SNAP (formerly food stamps), as well as poverty-focused development assistance.”

About 2.5 billion dollars were on the cutting block. Americans spend 2.5 billion dollars a year on candy – should we not be concerned that God’s children are dying while we eat candy? Thankfully at this writing it appears that our Legislature has spared the programs for our most vulnerable citizens.

Once we begin to see the world and everyone in it as God’s child, then foreign aid does not look so foreign. We are simply helping our  brothers and sisters. Let’s pray for our world and all those in it.