Which Monday?

I spoke to my granddaughter the other night, knowing that it was tax-free weekend, and asked her when she started school. “Monday, she said.” Which Monday, I asked? “This Monday.” How in the world can school be starting back so early in August, yet the reality is our summer vacation is ending and we’re moving back into the routines of life.

I hope that each of you have had some time to be away this summer, to relax and renew your spirit, and that you are now ready to delve in to church activities once again.

We humans are such creatures of habit that we need a regular schedule to keep us focused and on task. My prayer is that while summer has broken our routine, you will find your place in worship and Christian Education during this next academic year. September through May we pass through some of the most important seasons of the church year and by marking these seasons in worship and study, we touch again the very face of God. See you soon.

Bill Neely